Uses for Services

Mitchell & Associates has provided appraisal and consulting services for a wide range of clients and purposes.

Financing (Mortgage)

The most familiar use for appraisals - to evaluate collateral in financing decisions for a property.


Appraisals for relocation provide an anticipated sales price for a transferee's house.

Trust Portfolio Management

In order to better manage the assets of a trust and provide an accurate accounting to the IRS for tax purposes, regular appraisals are generally scheduled every two to four years for the individual properties held within a trust.

Condemnation/Eminent Domain

Land owners and government entities occasionally require assistance in the condemnation process. With reports prepared to meet both statutory and regulatory requirements, our appraisers have served as expert witnesses in condemnation proceedings to help resolve issues related to the value of the land being taken, if severance has occurred, and any diminution of value which might result from the taking process.

Property Tax Appeal

An appraisal from an unbiased, independent third party serves as a valuable tool when attempting to reduce the assessed valuation of a property. We will provide an estimate of market value and, if requested, expert testimony relating to our opinion of the value for the subject property.

Litigation Support

With reports that meet both regulatory and statutory requirements, our professionals can serve as expert witnesses in both the state and federal courts as part of the condemnation process and for ad valorum property tax appeals. Our appraisal, review, and consultation services have been requested for property disputes, determining property damages, divorce, and partnership dissolution.

Market Rent Analysis

Based on the relevant factors such as supply, demand, the age and condition of the property, we conduct an analysis to help determine an estimate of market rent for a given property. An analysis such as this is used for negotiation purposes, for in-house corporate records, or to help substantiate lease documents to governing boards or bodies.

Estate Planning/Settlement

An unbiased appraisal from our experts will support your planning for the transfer of an estate, and ultimately supporting the determination of estate taxes. We also provide appraisals for estate settlement purposes.