ConAgra Moving Out of Omaha

ConAgra will relocate its headquarters from Omaha to Naperville, IL.

By now you have heard that ConAgra is moving their corporate headquarters to Chicago. While this is not good news, you should not consider this to be the end of the world. Please consider the following:

In 1986, Enron announced…

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Omaha Housing Market Rebounding

The residential market in Omaha is starting 2015 strong.

The Omaha World-Herald wrote March 20th of the rebounding Omaha market (link). Home sales for the first quarter of 2015 are higher than the same period for 2012-2014, and construction permits are up 14% compared with January-February of 2014.

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Housing Market Nears Normal

Kiplinger's outlook for housing markets in 2015

The Kiplinger Letter projects that 2015 will see sales of existing homes back to normal levels. Not like during the bubble or during the recession, but like 1999-2002.

New construction is still about half of pre-bubble levels. While new homes…

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Appraisal Process

What is the process for doing an appraisal

The appraisal process involves several steps. The property inspection, which is the most visible part to most property owners, is just a small part of the overall process. The appraiser spends more time behind the scenes collecting market data (sales,…

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